Increase your revenue growth with Genpact's Growth Assist
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Accelerate revenue growth with Genpact Growth Assist

Supercharge growth with Genpact's AI-powered sales solution

In today's highly competitive landscape, many companies struggle to grow because their sales, marketing, customer experience, and partner and channel teams are not aligned. They work with separate datasets, meaning they don't have a joined-up view of whom to target or how to keep customers happy. If left unchecked, this can lead to slow growth and customer churn.

Genpact Growth Assist, our AI-powered sales solution, tackles these challenges head-on with a comprehensive and proactive approach to align sales and marketing for enhanced revenue growth.

It connects data silos to provide a view of all customer activities taking place across the organization and uses data, analytics, and generative AI to help companies make data-driven decisions. It identifies the most profitable segments to target, improves conversion rates, speeds up business cycles, and enhances the customer and employee experience.

Genpact Growth Assist also improves upselling and cross-selling and uncovers customer buying patterns using AI and generative AI to extract and summarize data and create personalized conversion content.

With Genpact Growth Assist, growing your business becomes simpler and more achievable.

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